Re-use, Reduce, Recycle!

Re-use, Reduce, Recycle!

How We are Environmentally Responsible

Going green is big on everyone’s minds these days. Ours, too. The formation of Williams Lake’s Water Advisory Council has started a revolution in how we look at our community’s water supply. We think of ourselves as just a small piece of our Earth, and like to fake ourselves into believing that we can’t make a difference. We can. The decline in the town’s aquifer is frightening. The fact that almost everyone has unlimited, and unmonitored access to our most vital resource is also overwhelming. Generations could be at risk because of our carelessness protecting our Mother Earth, After all of these years of proof that our Earth’s ozone is being depleted, cans and bottles are still being thrown away! .

Small businesses are only a few of the prolific offenders. Aside from Moms, Dads, and children wasting water like it’s going out of style, commercial and industrial businesses go through thousands of liters of wafer a day and don’t even blink an eye about it. Now that this committee exists, we are more aware of the devastation that looms if we don’t act soon. Cool Clear Water is, and always has been, metered, and we pay tor every drop of water that we use. We encourage our staff to make sure taps are off, investigate and fix any leak as soon as they appear, and re-use waste water for cleaning or feeding our gigantic Kong sunflowers. All of our drinking cans and bottles are recycled, and the deposits are donated to the SPCA.

Cool Clear Water cares about our planet too. We are the parents and the next generations of water users. We are always trying to improve our business by being more efficient, offering the best in knowledgeable service, and reducing old wasteful habits. Our facilities are always being upgraded and improved. We are members of the British CoIumbia Materials Exchange program, with which we advertise our waste materials that could be useful to others. We sell our cardboard boxes to people who are moving by donation to the SPCA. We encourage our customers to re-use their caps, as they cannot be recycled. We pay to have our unusable bottles transported to Quesnel’s recycling facility by the Caribou Regional District, and avoid unnecessary water use.

Using a 5-gallon jug can also reduce waste, by keeping thousands of disposable 500 ml water bottles out of the landfill. A single 5-gallon jug can be re-used over 30 times, and even if it’s no good for drinking, it can be used make great funnels and buckets. Individual sport bottles are also re-useable, and are available in our store. Bottled water is essential to some for health reasons, and also prevents health problems such as urinary tract infection in household pets. Please phone or e-mail for further information about our conservation efforts.

Ways to Re-Use Polycarbonate Bottles

Currently, unusable polycarbonate bottles from our office are being transported to the recycling plant in Quesnel, a costly method of recycling.

You may be able to recycle unusable bottles around your home by placing them in the recycling containers provided by the City’s new residential recycling program. Alternatively, you can try using them around the home. They can be cut to make excellent catch buckets, or even funnels. For use in the garden, cut the bottom off and place the bottle over your tomato plants for added protection.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about Cool Clear Water’s conservation efforts, contact us!