At Cool Clear Water and Buddies Pet Food and Supplies in Williams Lake, B.C.

Not only will you find incredible customer service, but also quality products.

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Our main goal is to exceed your expectations

Here you will find pure clean water, pet supplies and accessories, natural premium cat food, dog food and bird seed.

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A reminder that you can now get our wonderful H2O any time of day.

Our handy coin operated “H2O TO GO” vending station is there for you when we are not. Exact change is required. Accepts all change.

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Why Choose Us ?

Cool Clear Water is processed in our state-of-the-art facility by reverse osmosis. It is sterilized by ozonation. A sample of Cool Clear Water is sent to be tested for coliform by an independent lab every two weeks. We also taste and test the water ourselves twice a day. These are only a few of the steps that we take to ensure our customers receive only the best.

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For more information on reverse osmosis and bottled water in general, please visit:


Ozone is an electrical charge added to the water using an ultraviolet light, changing the O2 molecules to O3. Ozone is added each morning and will have completely dispersed within twelve hours. It is the best way to sterilize bottled water and does not leave behind any by-product or taste, unlike chlorine.
For more information on the use of ozone in drinking water, please visit:

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NEW – Alkaline Water

We are now pleased to offer the same great tasting water with added health benefits. Reverse osmosis leaves behind almost no minerals in the final product, creating a lower pH (our water is usually around 6.6). Alkaline water is processed the same (using reverse osmosis and ozone for sterilization), but Calcium and Magnesium are added back into the water, causing the pH to rise to around 9. The topic of alkaline water is still being researched and debated, but there is an abundance of information available on the Internet. Please drop by the office for more information and to try a sample of this new product.

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We deliver to businesses and homes all over the Cariboo, including Williams Lake, 100 Mile House, Horsefly, McLeese Lake, Alkali Reserve, Mt Polley, and Gibraltar mine. We would love to deliver water to you! Give us a call at the office, and we will set you up on a delivery route

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After Hours Pick-up

Cool Clear Water is available after hours at 99 Mile Supermarket, Horsefly Service, Cariboo Country Grocery, and Clark’s General Store.

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Delivery Schedules

If you are on a delivery route, these are the dates you should expect to receive your water. Please leave your empty bottles and *Prepaid Punch-card out first thing on that day so our driver does not miss you! If you are not already on a delivery route and would like to be – please contact our office for more information.

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