Pet Food

Pet Food


Nutram believes healthy and happy begins on the inside. When you nourish what’s on the inside, you start to see those benefits on the outside. That’s why they believe in a nutritional first approach to your pets’ total wellbeing.
They start with all natural recipes, using meat grown without the use of hormones. Each recipe is naturally preserved to ensure your pet is receiving the freshest quality food. Their certified nutritionists and holistic experts then pair these ingredients to form Optimum Combinations™, which ensure your pets receive the optimal nutritional benefits of each ingredient, PLUS the advantages of their combination.
Nutram recipes and Optimum Combinations™ not only provide complete and balanced nutrition, but support proper digestion for truly multi beneficial and nutrient rich food that improve your pets’ wellness from the inside out. So while your pet counts on you to give them their daily dose of Vitamin L (LOVE), you can count on Nutram to give them the rest.

GO! Natural

GO! Naturals is a division of Petcurean Pet Nutrition, a Canadian and family-owned company. Petcurean Pet Nutrition is dedicated to quality assurance, sustainability, and environmental protection. They use fresh local ingredients, including a range of protein and carbohydrate sources such as chicken, duck, salmon, oats, and quinoa. The Grain Free Endurance Formula is completely grain, corn, and gluten free while still providing adequate nutrition, ideal for dogs with a suspected allergy or sensitivity to grain. GO! Natural dog and cat foods are designed for all breeds and life stages, and are also available in a moist, canned form.
A Safe, Healthy Alternative. FirstMate Pet Foods is Canada’s first choice for quality Pet Food. As a family-owned and operated manufacturer, we have full control over the quality of our ingredients and manufacturing procedures. Our company has been instrumental in the development of Pet Food having introduced pet specialty’s first Grain Free option in 1995!

All of our premium pet food lines offer a frequent buyer program that tracks your purchases and rewards you with free food!

**Free samples are available in-store for most pet food products.

Canadian Naturals

Canadian Supreme is a company based out of B.C. and Alberta, with over thirty years of experience in the pet food industry. Canadian Naturals Turkey and Salmon Formula is a super-premium dog food designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs from puppy to adult. It is made with healthy meats, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, and it contains no fillers, preservatives or harmful chemicals. This formula contains no corn or wheat and is made with brown rice. It is an excellent alternative for dogs with allergies, skin problems, or just finicky eaters.