Water Coolers and Accessories

Water Coolers and Accessories

Water Coolers by Electrotemp Technologies

All Electrotemp coolers are high quality, Energy Star products. They use ice-chill technology that forms a ring of ice in the stainless steel reservoir. This saves you money in energy costs, as well as prolongs the life of your machine. They all have leak-guard protection, and are backed by solid warranty. We have various models and styles available, please see in-store for more information.


Cooler Parts available:

Childproof Handles


  • Dolphin Hand Pump
  • Electric Bottled Water Pump
  • Battery Operated Water Pump
  • Cup Dispensers and paper cups
  • Cap and Cradle water dispenser
  • Folding Black Bottle Cradle
  • 3 gallon Fridgepack
  • 1/2 gallon sport bottle
  • Sport bottle and insulating travel bag
  • 3 Tier Bottle Rack (white or chrome)
  • Visit www.westheat.ca for more water accessories.

Childproof Handles


Delivery Schedules

If you are on a delivery route, these are the dates you should expect to receive your water. Please leave your empty bottles and *Prepaid Punch-card out first thing on that day so our driver does not miss you! If you are not already on a delivery route and would like to be – please contact our office for more information.

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