Based on our scientific assessment, we can say that this is not a concern for most Canadians. Canadians can continue to use hard plastic, reusable water bottles and plastic tableware if they so choose. There is no health risk.

Health Minister Tony Clement


Government of Canada:
Chemical Substances Bisphenol-A Fact Sheet: Click on “Water Products Division” and “Download Centre” for more useful information.

Please don’t hesitate to phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. From our business perspective, there is no alternative option other than to continue to use polycarbonate bottles. We deliver to an incredible amount of customers. Glass or stainless steel containers would not be suitable to meet our customers needs. Both have their disadvantages, such as breakage, denting, and workers would be unable to inspect for dirt and debris inside of a metal container. Some of our competitors are bringing in a number 1 plastic bottle. The reason we are not following suit is because they are a cheap, brittle, weak plastic that also would not work for what we need. These polycarbonate bottles have been around for many years, and will continue to be used to supply pure water to our community.